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Who We Are

There are significant limitation when it comes to establishing a trusted online business transaction with a third party entity, such as opening a bank account, sharing a medical record, renting a car, purchasing a high value item online, etc. The verification of who you are is done in the majority of cases manually.

Digital verification in a lot of cases is either time-consuming or is done via a third party such as credit agencies, which are rarely available in emerging markets. The associated issues with these kind of transactions are data security, accuracy and privacy.

uqudo solves the identity dilemma by providing a platform that validates online digital transactions in national, cross boarder, cross enterprises and driven/ managed/ instigated by the end user.

uqudo is a digital transformation company with a unique set of products and services that enable organization to achieve a seamless full digital transformation. This is because of our thorough understanding of the identity and access management space.

What we do

“Transact. Validate. Trust.”

Most organisations have launched their digital transformation programs with limited business operational impact and expensive initiatives which result in capital intensive projects. “Transactions” in these organization still to some extent involve significant level of manual activities. Our uqodo platform provides organisations with an easy way to fully digitalize these business transactions in a cost effective and efficient way.

Fully digitalising these transactions involves a validation process. To “Validate” these online transactions our platform uniquely matches users (identity owners) with their attributes held at different entities acting as Identity Providers and attribute custodian such as financial institutions, Government agencies, telcos, etc. In the uqudo model, identity owner will take control and drive the validation of his/her data led by the identity custodian and controlled by a Blockchain network.

This network establishes “Trust” across the whole chain of transactions within integrated parties and external organisations as well. Once trust is enabled, the the manual process get digitalized moving organisations to a connected state.


Our Team

A superb team of experts who have delivered some of the most complex and advanced solutions in the IAM field across the globe, such as in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, US, UK, The Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, South Africa, Namibia and Ghana.


Uqudo, Reedham House,
31 King Street West,
Manchester, M3 2PJ
UK @ +44 1223 96 9900

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