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Is Digital Identity the answer to Covid-19?

In the wake of the coronavirus crisis we need to strike the balance between privacy and public health & safety.
uqudo enables trustworthy:

Biometric Authentication (voice / face / fingerprint)

Government Issued Identity Verification (NFC)

Geolocation History and Proof

AI based Health Check via Remote Video

Covid-19 Use Cases

Our multitude of unique technologies will enable countries address to the covid-19 crisis situation!

1.   Safe, easy and speedy repatriation to home for travellers

uqudo has developed a unique app that can verify the passport (NFC) and trusted geolocation of the person combined with biometric proof. This will help countries to understand how many citizens are stranded abroad and it will enable the share of contact details, health status, location and any other information.

2.  Remote screening and self-assessment

The best way to fight the virus today is by social distancing, A number of governments have requested residents to stay at home, in some cases there is a requirement to enforce this specialty for travelers. With our trusted geolocation data with biometric proof, we are able to prove someone was quarantined within their location for a certain period.

3.   The Movement (Health) Code

Residents and citizens can request a movement approval in a status of lock-down or movement restriction. This can be granted depending on a number of factors such as quarantine status, age, health status or any other data point. The app can then be used to provide relevant authorities on demand that the user has the clearance to travel to a given destination.

4.   Remote AI health screening

The health sector over the world is stretched! We have unique remote screening capabilities that enables an individual to diagnose themselves using cognitive and psycho-analysis techniques. This will reduce the demand on medical staff and enable prioritisation of the right patient based on real symptoms.

uqudo can provide SDKs and help build apps on short notice for emergency use cases such as:

  • Social distancing.
  • Biometric authentication for regular proof of location of the person (not only the location of the device).
  • Enabling inclusive access to services for all through digital guardianship.*

* Delegation of digital rights to another person or organization representing someone who is physically or mentally not able to access these digital services.

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