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KYC and Digital Registration

uqudo provides a unique and seamless solution to eliminate time consuming and heavy administration processes including removing the need for physical documents to be signed/approved by KYC in the back office. This leads to a flawless and frictionless experience for the customer whilst creating organisation efficiency.

This unique standard registration means customers do not need to provide their details again for other associated products and services. This is achieved irrespective of the channel or geographical location used by the customer.

Identity Verification

Identity verification is critical in eliminating identity fraud and achieving trustworthy digital transactions. uqudo enables a smart and simple way to verify the authenticity of documents.

uqudo uses artificial intelligence to verify if ID documents are genuine. Using machine learning creates a more efficient and accurate process than relying on an untrained human to look at ID documents.  The uqudo platform performs the verification in real-time during the onboarding process without the need for human interaction.

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Biometric & Multi-factor Authentication

It is important for organisations to reconsider their security strategies and solutions to safeguard against cyber threats.

uqudo presents solutions to protect critical business applications & resources via passwordless and strong multi-factor authentication based on One-Time-Password (OTP), biometrics and hardware devices.

        Our offerings

  • Passwordless and strong authentication using biometrics including face, fingerprint, voice, palm and behaviour.
  • Geolocation
  • PKI-based authentication


  • Easy integration
  • Immediate onboarding
  • Multi-layered security
  • Push notification based outbound authentication

Identity Wallet

The identity wallet enables the creation of digital representations of ID documents. The  wallet app provides many features to collect and manage identity attributes. It offers users  a rich and mobile experience when interacting on the internet.


  • Quick and secure user enrolment to new services
  • Minimum changes to the integrated parties
  • Online and offline data verification such as address, age, work and more
  • Enablement of a more secure eCommerce experience
Identity Wallet app uqudo

        Mobile App

  • Enables a user to load, control and use their personal data
  • Integrates easily with apps and websites of service providers
  • Complies with data privacy laws such as GDPR


  • Ensures integrity of ID documents stored in the ID Wallet
  • Enables auditing features for any claim made by a given party
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