Our Solutions

We Provide a range of solutions for digital identity and eKYC

Presenting easy-to-use , secure and trusted KYC solutions that meet your company’s requirements and efficiently deliver services to end-users.

Our digital eKYC (Know Your Customer) platform and digital on boarding process, allows validation of official documents issued by different government entities in addition to connecting to government APIs to validate the data attributes. These features eliminate major steps in the process which are the backoffice validation and cross checking functions that are based generally on checking photocopied documents without actual validating the authenticity of them.

It is Important for companies today to reconsider they’re security strategies and solutions to safeguard against cyber threats.

Uqudo presents solutions to protect critical business applications & resources via strong multi-factor authentication based on One-Time-Password, Bio-metrics parameters validations, Device Hardware ID & PKI

Our offerings:

  • Biometric (Face, Fingerprint, Voice).

  • GEO-Location, PKI, Hidden Signature.

  • Passwordless strong authentication (QR Code).


  • Easy integration

  • Immediate onboarding

  • Multi layered security

  • Push Notification based outbound Authentication

A Single Sign On Facilitating a secure resource sharing between collaborating partners.

Reliable integration for SSO to all web and mobile apps, with a full-featured federation engine and flexible access policy.


  • Customizable User Experience

  • Secure Directory with Integration

  • Real-time Security Reporting

  • Adaptive Authentication

Governments across the globe are increasingly working on or have started implementing their Digital national identity programs.

The UN and The World Bank have established initiatives such as the ID4D with goals set to bring knowledge and expertise to help countries establish digital identification systems.

Uqudo presents:

  • Track record in delivering and operating national digital identity programs

  • Innovative and secure authentication and registration technologies

  • Flexible commercial models.

  • Multiple levels of assurance depending on registration type

  • Multi-Channel access through Web, mobile and self-service kiosks

  • Multiple authentication methods e.g. fingerprint, national ID

  • Integration of more than 50 federal and local government entities annually.

Identity verification is very important to eliminate identity fraud and achieve trustworthy digital transactions.

Uqudo enables a smart and simple way to identity verification by proof reading the the documents , using facial recognition and validating the document with issuing authorities

Identity Management systems are very important for businesses of every size to protect sensitive business information, and to fight potential data breaches to data and IT systems.

Uqudo enterprise identity management platform allows companies to securely manage their identity requirements in different channels.

Features & Benefits:

  • Multi-Factor Authentication biometric / PKI

  • Dynamic password management

  • User empowered identity

  • Privileged identity management