Solve complex use cases with uqudo

Use cases

Onboarding and Verification

uqudo enables a fast, secure and frictionless onboarding process. Our technology improves user experience while protecting the organisation from fraudulent activities. Customers can easily enrol their ID documents such as national IDs, passports, visas, health cards and driving licences. During the enrolment, customers can use their mobile phones to read the biometric chips embedded within their ID documents. The organisation is then provided with fully verified document data that is trust-worthy and reliable. These features will significantly reduce HR time spent on back office work by eliminating validations and cross-checking procedures thereby increasing efficiency.


uqudo also provides biometric verification such as face authentication and fingerprint authentication. It provides certainty that the onboarding is being performed by the owner of the ID document. For face authentication, only taking a selfie is required. The process includes liveness detection to ensure the selfie captured is a real person and not a photo or a video held in front of the camera.

Biometric Authentication

uqudo verifies the identity of onboarded customers when interacting with the associated organisation. Our solution provides next-generation biometric authentication including liveness detection, fingerprint, palm, voice and behaviour. Users can access permissable services passwordless through multiple channels such as mobile devices, desktops, service centres or kiosks, enabling them to benefit from a frictionless experience. Simultaneously, organisational fraud-related risks are minimised with security increased.

KYC and Screenings

uqudo ensures organisations are compliant with Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundry (AML) regulations and helps attain due diligence obligations. Our solution can verify the identity, suitability and risks involved with maintaining customer relationships.


uqudo provides fully verified customer data whilst continually checking against sanction lists, Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) and adverse media coverage. If required, information on customers' borrowing and bill-paying habits can be provided.

ID Wallet and Data Sharing

uqudo enables users to create a digital representation of their ID documents on their mobile phones within a digital ID wallet. The users will have full control of their personal information and can share it with affiliated organisations. For example, bank customers can share their KYC data with an affiliated insurance company.  Affiliates can easily integrate with the ID wallet to retrieve verified identity information. Our solution complies with GDPR and strict data privacy laws as all transactions require the consent of the user.


The ID wallet uses blockchain technology to provide an extra layer of security which can provide sophisticated use cases concerning data sharing and consent management. The ID wallet is integrated with both permissioned and public ledgers. No personal data is stored in the blockchain to protect the privacy of all users.

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